Above all, Prima Donkey is a musical laboratory.

It all began in the summer of 2004. Donkey Diesel’s frontman Gunter Nagels invited some musical friends to give a twist to his songs. ‘Boss’ (Internationals), Buni Lenski & Han Stubbe (DAAU) and the godfather of the Antwerp indie scene Rudy Trouvé were up for it.

Each of the musicians had his own universe which resulted in an odd but fascinating mix of roots, industrial acoustic avant-garde and no-nonsense popmusic. They decided the project should be continued beyond the first sessions. Other musicians were invited to join and a new repertoire was born.
What matters is the get-together, the confrontation of our differences and the search for what’s in common. Other musicians became intrigued and the Brussels venue Ancienne Belgique gave support to the band. The first live session of what was to be known as Prima Donkey took place in the AB Club.

The performance of 4th March 2005 featured additional musicians on stage : Jorunn Bauweraerts & Nathalie Delcroix (Laïs) and composer-musician Geert Waegeman.
The setlist consisted of the back catalogue of Rudy Trouvé, DAAU, Donkey Diesel, some well chosen covers and freshly written Prima Donkey songs.

A second performance in December 2005 resulted in a new setlist and some changes in the line-up : Buni Lenski & Geert Waegeman exchanged their places with Roel Jacobs (Seatsniffers) & Simon Lenski (DAAU).

The first album was released and played live in August 2006 at the Feeërieën. This album is a live recording of both AB-gigs.
As a result of this release, Prima Donkey played some concerts in Belgium and The Netherlands (Crossing Border, Den Haag – De Nachten, Antwerpen).

The next edition of Prima Donkey (III) is planned for spring 2007.